In the fall of 2021, in a historic villa at Z. Sierakausko st. 25, Vilnius, the gerontological clinic Sana Senectute (lat. Healthy old age) will open its doors. Specialists in endocrinology, gynecology, nutritionology - gastroenterology, physiotherapy, cosmetology - dermatology, psychology will work at Sana Senectute. The clinic will also offer specialized massage services and yoga classes.

Gerontology is a field of science that analyses biological, psychological and social aspects of aging and their complex interactions. This field of science aims to understand the causes of aging and the mechanisms for its prevention in order to create conditions necessary for healthy aging. The practical goal of gerontology is to discover ways to prevent premature aging and various diseases, recognizing that the aging process is very individual. In gerontology, aging retardation is perceived as healthy aging, early prevention of age-related diseases, identification of risk factors, treatment through a healthy lifestyle, various modern diagnostic and treatment strategies.

Hello old age! 

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